Zeller Bistro Review: Enjoy Hungarian Treats in a Cellar Bistro in Budapest, Hungary

Zeller Bistro

One of Budapest’s best-loved eating places – Zeller Bistro – invites you to a charming cellar bistro where you can enjoy crisp fish, delicious cupcakes, and elderflower champagne. The menu at this family-style restaurant offers treats from the Central European and Hungarian cuisines, with plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. All the main ingredients are grown locally, and you can find surprising delights under the restaurant’s own label, including a beer that gets a lot of praise.

Memorable Experience

Little touches like colorful chairs, vases with fresh flowers, drawing boards and colorful pencils for while you’re waiting for the food, or the ladder hung horizontally on the wall and decorated with flowers, all add a special touch to this inviting restaurant. You can tell right away that it’s the kind of place you won’t forget anytime soon.

Zeller Bistro
Zeller Bistro Budapest isn’t just a welcoming restaurant for locals and travelers alike, but a well-orchestrated dining experience that begins with a sparkling elderflower wine, continues with great starters, and culminates with a fulfilling main course.

The Treats on the Menu

You can’t go wrong with the mushroom soup, which is delicately creamy without feeling heavy. Even if you’re not a great fan of mushrooms, it’s a dish worth trying. A highlight of the menu is the rib-eye steak with potatoes, beets, and sour cream, a simple but wonderfully fulfilling dish. For a lighter alternative, you can go for the refreshing Salmon citrus.

Zeller Bistro
Mains at the Zeller Bistro Budapest are mostly centered around meat. Supreme chicken with Kalahari coconut milk really tastes supreme, while rose duck breast with black roots and dried plum is a fine treat.

Another highlight of the Zeller Bistro Budapest menu is the choice seafood dishes, such as the prawns with rice, beautifully presented and with vegetable ornamentation that whets your appetite.

For desert, you can also have a cheese plate or a chocolate cream verrine. Another surprising treat is the carrot cake served here, which packs quite a flavor despite its unassuming size.

Zeller Bistro
Most of the ingredients that go into the menu come from a farm near Lake Balaton. It’s a family-run business, and that’s one of the reasons behind the charming atmosphere surrounding the restaurant. Dining here feels more like dining in the house of a family than going to a restaurant.


The drink to order at Zeller Bistro Budapest is unicum, one of Hungary’s national drinks, a liqueur produced according a secret formula. Some say it’s made from as many as 80 herbs. The wine list is populated by plenty of Hungarian varieties which are for the most part preferable to the more widely available international bottles.
Zeller Bistro
Good to Know

Because of its popularity, Zeller Bistro Budapest is full all the time, which is why it’s recommended you book a table in advance. You can do this even before you set for Hungary. The easiest way to book a table is by sending an email to [email protected] Another thing you should know is that the restaurant is closed between 3 and 6 in the afternoon.

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