Yu Kee Duck Rice At Bugis

Yu Kee Duck Rice at Bugis
Yu Kee Duck Rice at Bugis

Yu Kee duck rice is a staple when it comes to cheap yet good food in Bugis. Bugis Junction is notorious for only offering restaurants, cafes and overpriced food court food, so regular Bugis visitors often head across the street Yu Kee duck rice or its many neighbours for a cheap yet delicious meal.

A plate of duck rice at Yu Kee at a nondescript coffee shop at the mouth of Liang Seah Street costs $4. The regular serving of meat can be too little for those with larger appetites, so its recommend that you add an extra serving for a satisfying meal. This costs only $1 for a generous addition of meat. The duck rice comes with a ladle of dark sauce, a bowl of soup and a small scoop of peanuts. Additions like pickled vegetables or more peanuts can be had for only a dollar more.

Yu Kee Duck Rice at Bugis
Yu Kee Duck Rice at Bugis

The duck rice here is of the braised duck type, and the meat is soft and perfectly done. It tops a nice heaping plateful of brown rice that isn’t too dry, as can be the case with some duck rice stalls. The gravy ladled over it is thick, yet not overly starchy, and is a flavourful complement to the dish.

The best thing about the duck meat is that it’s served with no bones. Any fan of duck can tell you that shattered bones can be the worst thing to happen to duck rice, as you will bite down on them often and hard.

Yu Kee Duck Rice
Yu Kee Duck Rice

Not only is this duck rice boneless, it is also served with a light garlic laden chilli sauce, with vinegar as its main base ingredient. I strongly believe duck should be eaten with vinegar and garlic, and this stall fulfills all my tastebuds fantasies

All in all, Yu Kee Duck Rice is a cheap and appetising meal, the likes of which are not often found in town.

Yu Kee Duck Rice
516 North Bridge Road [Liang Seah Street]
Singapore 188740

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