Waku Ghin at Marina Bay Sands

waku ghin sea urchin

Waku Ghin is an amazing dining experience that everyone should have once in their lives.

Situated on the second floor above the Marina Bay Sands casino, it combines European and Japanese cuisine for the ultimate fusion degustation menu. Waku Ghin, the second restaurant owned by Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of Sydney’s Tetsuya fame, brings more than just great food to the table. This is why:

For starters, Waku Ghin’s main dining area seats a maximum of 25 guests across several individual dining areas. This maintains the exclusivity of the restaurant; it has just two sittings a night. In these rooms, diners are seated around the stovetop as if in a bar, so interaction is kept to a minimum. That is really the entire point of the restaurant’s design, though. You are meant to focus on what’s happening before you, and the chefs are more than happy to entertain as they cook your food on the spot.


Before the dining experience begins, guests are asked for their dietary preferences. A fresh ten course menu is tailored to the tastes of each individual guest, though you are only told what you are eating right when it is served. At the end of the meal, a printed menu is presented to you, as a souvenir of your evening.

Waku Ghin has some specialties, such as their Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Caviar and their Wagyu with Wasabi and Citrus Soy. Though most of the ingredients used are clearly Japanese, like fresh wasabi ground before your eyes, the cooking style of nearly all the eight main dishes is very European. It is a very pleasing fusion, however, so even the pickiest of eaters will not be disappointed.

Waku Ghin also serves its own, specially bottled house sake, which has been produced just for Chef Tetsuya’s restaurants. This sake is in a class of its own, and I recommend you have it to accompany your meal.

The last two dishes from Waku Ghin are dessert, and these are served in a different area that overlooks Marina Bay. If you’ve taken the first sitting of the night, you’ll be privy to the Sands’ light show from your own grandstand seat. Dessert, too, is served according to dietary preference, and petit fours accompany any tea or coffee you might wish to order.


The food at Waku Ghin is fresh and unparalleled in presentation, but diners looking for more exotic tastes will be disappointed. The dishes served at Waku Ghin are delicious and wholesome, but do not stray far from the beaten path of cuisine. However, dining at Waku Ghin is really all about the experience rather than trying new cuisine.

The food is exquisite, the service impeccable, and there is very little that could spoil your night at one of Singapore’s finest restaurants. Be warned beforehand, however, about the hefty price tag. Dining at Waku Ghin hovers from approximately S$400 to S$600 per head, and this can be bumped up by bottles of fine wine. But would this be a good price to pay?

At Fravel, we say definitely.

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