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Uncle Chicken Rice

For one that grew up in the Central West region, the “reluctance” to travel Eastwards is very real. But it’s a waste, really, because there is plenty of good food to explore in the Eastern portion of our island nation – with Bedok being one of the more popular haunts for unique food!

But we’re going back to basics this time round, to satisfy our cravings for all things local. What better way to indulge than to have our beloved chicken rice. It will be a challenge to decipher the best of the best in Singapore, in a country that live and breathe chicken rice.

Uncle Chicken Rice
202 Uncle Chicken Rice

Sin Kee has taken a different route this time round, relocating from their Margaret Drive compound to open a humble stall on level two of The Bedok Marketplace. It’s an interesting concept, featuring stalls that would also feel at home in gourmet markets. This is exactly what the owners want to replicate, but with food served at a fraction of the price. Chicken rice might not exactly fit into the term “gourmet”, but we’re still relieved to find something familiar in the midst of countless fusion food!

Given its proven reputation to deliver juicy, tender chicken year on year over at Margaret Drive, this is no different. But what I find interesting will be the owner that makes an effort to interact with the clients. It might not bode down well with those who wants to eat and leave right away, but we like how he tries to engage us, telling us about the history of the stall without pressurising us to order more!

Serving for 3, $22, price depends on quantity
Serving for 3, $22, price depends on quantity

Let the food do the talking, and there’s a high chance you’ll order a second serving if you’re still game for more. Just like other chicken rice, the star appeal lies in the chilli, as well as the fragrance of the rice. It tastes spot on, with the chilli giving the appropriate “sting” in the tail when consumed with the chicken. The rice is flavourful by itself, with the aroma reminding you that Sin Kee is by no means a new kid on the block.

Despite its relative inaccessibility without a car, we will certainly travel for Sin Kee, taking into account that you can have desserts around the vicinity, too!

348 Simpang Bedok, The Bedok Marketplace, Singapore S469560

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