Trams In Hong Kong Transportation System

hong kong trams

Public transport is the life line of any country and contributes towards the fiscal health of a nation. Commuting by public transport is one of the most effective and easy methods to sense the pulse of a place. Though travelling by public transport is not every one’s cup of tea, but the benefits are worth the effort. Public transport is pocket friendly and lets you save money so you could be extravagant in other areas like shopping (a boon for ladies) and eating out. Owing to the enumerable benefits, trams continue to exist in few countries till date and in others have simply been supplanted with swifter similar modes.

Hong Kong Tram Interior

Hong kong boasts of a century old tramway which has metamorphosed into its present form through years of innovations, inventions and is dearly loved by natives who have nick named it as “ding ding”. This unique time was given by the public on account of the double bell that was rung to caution the pedestrians. These bells were replaced by a modern version but on public demand the old bells were reinstated .Unlike most other tram systems, it started as electric from its inception itself. The tram system is a tourist attraction and has an iconic stature in the city.

hong kong trams

Trams in Hong Kong provide a cheap mode of transportation and a flat fare of HK$2.23. Pollution free mode of transportation is a significant part of the public transport system of Hong Kong and starts from around 6 in the morning till midnight. Since the trams in Hong Kong are extensively used by locals, the tourists must avoid the rush of office hours. Travelling by trams has an added advantage in as much it allows the passengers to see the local city life and the passengers seated on the upper deck can view the entire town. Out of a fleet of 163 double Decker trams (unique to Hong kong),two have open balconies that are used for tourism purposes. The tram lines traverse along northern coast (double lane) from Kennedy Town to Shau Kei Wan and around Happy Valley Racecourse (single lane).

Tips on travelling via Hong Kong Trams

  • Drivers generally do not give change, therefore, it is recommended to get your own change or get the octopus card
  • To get the best street view and fresh air during the peak humid days, sit at either front or back of the top deck of the trams with windows open.

It is quiet heartening and evident as to why the locals are not keen on any changes on account of modernisation. Happy travelling!

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