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Tong Kee Chicken Rice @ Tanglin Halt Food Centre

A familiar sight!

It will come as no surprise to have a list of childhood favourites even when we venture into adulthood, hawker stalls included. This time round we relived our childhood memories at Tong Kee Chicken Rice – a stall that I have been patronising since primary school days!

They were situated at the Margaret Drive Hawker Centre more than a decade ago, but it has since been demolished to make way for residential units. Now, the couple that took over the business from the husband’s parents operates at Tanglin Halt Food Centre. An unfamiliar setting, but definitely a familiar taste that we grew up with!

Tong Kee Chicken Rice
Tong Kee Chicken Rice

Being regulars, all we had to do was sit in front of the stall, signal to them for the “usual” and there you have it – a plate of chicken rice, with cucumbers, chicken liver, braised eggs and soup! We didn’t order chicken liver this time round as we’re on an attempt to cut down on the calories, but you get the drift – childhood memories run deep!

We will normally order a mixture of steamed white chicken and roasted chicken. Both options have a consistent taste, even after close to 20 years of patronage. Warm, chewy and fresh – just the way we like it! And the jovial nature of the couple made our lunch that much more enjoyable.

Chicken rice set for 2 ($9)
Chicken rice set for 2 ($9)

We would recommend you to ask for an extra side of soup, and they will willingly oblige. (If you’re a regular, you might even receive 2 upsized bowls of liquid gold!) Rather than pushing our luck, sit back and indulge in the fragrance of the rice and freshness of the chicken – it might not be the best chicken rice in town, but it is definitely one that brought back precious memories!

Tong Kee Chicken Rice

Address: 1A Commonwealth Drive, #01-25, Singapore 141001

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