Temple Street in Hong Kong

temple street market hong kong

Named after the Tin Hau Temple, Temple Street in Hong Kong is situated in the areas of Yau Ma Tei and Jordon in Kowloon. It is the largest and busiest flea market of the territory, which sets up at night, formerly specialized in selling men’s products and therefore, is popularly known as the “night market” and the “men’s market”. However, nowadays you would get anything in the market.

The market starts setting up at around 4-5pm and you can see hundreds of hawkers setting their stalls. As the night approaches, the vehicles disappear and the vendors are conveniently settled down on both sides of the road selling a wide range of inexpensive goods like imitations of branded clothes, shoes, toys, electronic items, watches, leather goods, DVDs, souvenirs, and jade.

temple street market hong kong

Apart from shopping, Temple Street in Hong Kong offers authentic Chinese food at extremely cheap prices. You must visit the street side restaurants with Dai Pai Dong to experience the local food flavor. From clay pot rice to wonton noodles, and fish balls to beef balls, every food item is worth the penny that gives you rich taste of Hong Kong’s unique food culture.

temple street in hong kong

Beyond shopping and food, you can also find entertainment sources in the section of market from Public Square Street to Jordan station. There are many fortune tellers, face and palm readers and tarot card readers who can look into your past lives or give your future life predictions for a small amount of money. Some fortune tellers in Temple Street make use of birds or even turtle shells to tell your fortune. Get your feet tapping on the tunes of individual musicians/singers and Cantonese opera groups performing on the street.

temple street fortune tellers

The market that extends 600 meters on both sides of the street can easily be reached via MTR and de-boarding can be done either at Jordan or Yau Ma Tei stations.

Tips for shopping at the Temple Street in Hong Kong:

  • Beware of the pickpockets as the market stays heavily crowded almost all the time, which increases the chances of getting your wallets picked up.
  • Be sure to bargain a lot as the price told by vendors is way above the article’s actual price and if bargained hard, you can buy the article at a much cheaper price.

Temple Street Night Market is one of the top “must visit” places of the Hong Kong that surely gives you the real experience of Hong Kong’s culture, food, and people.

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