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Skinny Pizza @ Raffles City

Skinny Pizza

Raffles City plays home to some of the more famous restaurant chains in town. Skinny Pizza is no exception – we often notice long queues at the West Gate and Plaza Singapura outlet, which comes as no surprise if we had to wait for our turn to be seated at their Raffles City branch!

We were pretty lucky – in fact, there was a table for 2 right smack in the peak hour, and we wasted no time placing orders for a starter and 2 mains. Luck plays a definite part for optimal enjoyment during meals, too!

Love the menu design!
Love the menu design!

The truffle fries (SGD$9.00) arrived first. We were able to smell it before it reached our table, because the chef was rather generous with truffle oil. The French fries is piping hot and crispy. But Fravel prefer our fries to be a little soggy for the truffle oil to penetrate the skin, so we waited for our main dish to arrive before consuming them all at once. To each his own!

Truffle Fries $9
Truffle Fries $9

We also ordered the bacon and mushroom pasta (rigatoni tossed in wild mushrooms, bacon and herb cream sauce). To be honest, we would suggest skipping this dish as the pasta was quite tough. It might be due to the overworked kitchen and they could fail to pay attention to minute details. But this is average at best! To be fair, we were here for the next dish…

Bacon & Mushroom Pasta $15
Bacon & Mushroom Pasta $15

The squid ink pizza (SGD$27.00) sounds like a dream for squid ink lovers. Getting your lips and teeth all black was all part of the plan! Ingredients include grilled seafood, onions, basil, rocket salad, tomato salsa and squid ink sauce. We like how everything blends together to yield a salty and slightly sweet taste. Just remember to wipe the ink off your lips after consumption!

Squid Ink Pizza $27
Squid Ink Pizza $27

The highlight of this pizza would definitely be the crust that is thin and crispy. According to the founders, inspiration came from the “crackling” sound, like the “crust of hot roti prata and naan, or the shattering of pappadums and the crispy thrill of cracker in yu sheng”. We wouldn’t doubt their claims – it’s that good!

Only aim for the pizza if you ever chance upon Skinny Pizza. Fravel would still suggest opting for the squid ink variant. It’s well worth a treat for 2!

Skinny Pizza (Website / Facebook)

Address: 252 North Bridge Rd, Raffles City, #B1-63/64 Singapore 179103

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