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Shelter In The Woods at Greenwood Avenue

shelter in the woods greenwood avenue singapore

Greenwood Avenue next to Hillcrest Road might be more commonly known for Lana Cakes baked with love by Mrs Violet Kwan, but there will be more to celebrate for foodies when more eateries line up alongside the “wealthy” radius of Bukit Timah.

One such place includes Shelter in the Woods – a cozy restaurant we reckon is a hidden gem given the man behind this concept. According to their tagline, the emphasis is on a “single-minded devotion to wine, good food and company.” That basically sums up what this restaurant stands for, as it caters to customers who want to keep an open mind over unique cuisines with the perfect company.

It is headed by Japanese-born, European-trained Masashi Horiuchi, thus it comes as no surprise that his inspirations are injected from influences all over the world. While people flock to sample his signature Shelter Quiche (S$14.50), we were less “adventurous” this time round and went for the Escargot (S$10.00) for the appetizer, along with the Rotisserie Baby Spring Chicken (S$26.00) and Shelter Eggs Benedict (S$22.00) for the mains. A tidy serving of Chestnut Tirasimu (S$17.00) concludes a satisfying night in a location we feel exudes a rustic charm – perfect for couples that prefer a quiet escape compared to the usual hustle and bustle of city life.

Escargot – $10
Shelter Eggs Benedict
Shelter Eggs Benedict – $22
Rotisserie Baby Spring Chicken
Rotisserie Baby Spring Chicken – $26
chestnut tiramisu
chestnut tiramisu – $17

Judging by rave reviews from food journalists, its pretty obvious that we are getting plenty of bang for the buck. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not cheap to begin with, but the experience left us with more than we expected. The name of the restaurant itself gives every indication that its inspired from fairytales. It won’t exactly set your heart aflutter once you’re in the compound, but instead, the homely decorations and generous usage of tanned hues supplies it with a tranquil effect. Had a rough day at work? The peaceful ambience will soothe your soul. It opens only for dinner on weekdays (open during lunch and dinner on weekends), so it’ll be wise to make a reservation before heading down.

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