Restaurant Bronda Review: Savor Mediterranean and Finnish Cuisine in Helsinki, Finland

Restaurant Bronda Helsinki

Restaurant Bronda Helsinkilivens up the Eteläesplanadi with its lounge bar and weekend DJ that plays easy going music. Opened in 2014 as the fifth restaurant by the culinary duo Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg, it’s crowded most of the time, but because of its spacious design that’s hardly a problem. Elegantly modern and relaxed, it’s one of the culinary attractions in Helsinki.

With its large windows and high ceiling, Restaurant Bronda Helsinki feels beautifully spacious. The quiet interior design with mirrors and roof lamps creates a pleasant ambiance that makes it a reliable location for any event, whether it’s a simple night out with friends or a romantic celebration. Private dining rooms are also available, but the design of the restaurant itself, and the bar in particular, makes it feel inherently social.

Classic Mediterranean Menu

At the Restaurant Bronda Helsinki you can discover the healthy flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine, with most of the dishes on the menu coming straight from the cuisines of Spain, Italy, and France. The ingredients are mostly Finnish – except the olive oil, of course. There are plenty of fish-based dishes, as could be expected from a country noted for its fisheries. Tasting fresh fish, is in fact, one of the best reasons to try Bronda. But there are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself in this restaurant.
Restaurant Bronda Helsinki
You can start your meal with a mozzarella and tomato bruschetta, and eat your way up to a porcini mushroom and cashew risotto. But the highlights at Brenda are the tasting menus. Savor beef tartar with buttermilk and dried bread, Sashimi (whitefish) with aioli prawns, sorrel soup, or Risotto Milanese.

The wooden plates used for some of the dishes are a nice touch, especially as they seem to invite sharing food with your partner or friends, depending on whose sitting at the other end of the table.

Deserts and Wine

Apart from staple Mediterranean deserts like Tiramisu, you can find at Bronda some nice touches, like Lemon pie with rosemary and thyme. If you want to skip the main course and just go for a desert, you can do that without any qualms of conscience – the deserts are a treat.

Restaurant Bronda Helsinki also offers a good selection of wines from southern Europe and beyond, with some interesting pinot noir and Madeira bottles. There is always a selection of recommended wines, if you’re not sure what to have. Even though a selection of other drinks is available in the restaurant, for more exotic cocktails you’ll have to move on to the bar.
Restaurant Bronda Helsinki
A Drink at the Bar

The bar offers a beautiful view to Park Esplanade, and with its fresh assortment of drinks and good music, it is a magnet for passersby and the many travelers who end up in this part of the Finnish capital. The bar is a great place to lounge with a close friend or two after a fine course at the restaurant, and that is yet another reason to try this inspired Finish restaurant that won’t disappoint you.

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