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Paradise Dynasty – Westgate

Paradise Dynasty

At Westgate/JEM, you’ll be spoilt for choice as far as Chinese restaurants are concerned. There’s Tim Ho Wan on the first level at Westgate, and Din Tai Fung just across at JEM. But if you did not venture further inwards at Westgate, you might even miss the corner unit that is Paradise Dynasty – the nearest restaurant situated just beside the connecting bridge between Westgate and Ng Teng Fong General Hospital.

To be honest, despite its convenience all around Singapore, I’ve never stepped into a Paradise Dynasty! And I harboured no expectations this time round, although I know at the back of my mind that Din Tai Fung and Tim Ho Wan would not disappoint.

We ordered the marble beef spicy la mian, which is, as expected, very spicy. But the type of spice is bearable for our taste buds, which is tuned to “tahan” Chinese spices more than those from other cultures. The beef is tender, with a tinge of fat within the beef to deliver the full flavour when consumed with the soup.

Marble Beef Spicy La Mian $14.50
Marble Beef Spicy La Mian $14.50

The pickled Szechuan vegetable la mian came next, and despite the flavour not being as intense as the spicy la mian, it’s still inviting in a way that the purity of the soup is light, but still tasty. Thumbs up!

Pickled Szechuan Veg La Mian  $8.80
Pickled Szechuan Veg La Mian $8.80

Perhaps the most “familiar” taste of the three will be this seafood la mian, with the prawns adding a strong seafood flavour to the soup. It’s still pretty unique with the soup broth mixing very well with the egg to provide a hint of Japanese nostalgia.

Seafood La Mian
Seafood La Mian

The last dish, I reckon, will be what all of us are looking forward to at Paradise Dynasty. 7 flavours of xiao long bao to be shared with more than one person?! I would suggest taking one full serving for yourself to experience the full effect! At $14.80, it’s well worth the splurge taking into account that you’ll be greeted with a unique burst of flavour upon consumption.

Mixed Dumpling (Xiao Long Pao) $14.80
Mixed Dumpling (Xiao Long Pao) $14.80

One thing I realise is the shorter queue during peak period compared to Tim Ho Wan and Din Tai Fung. It might be at a less centralised location compared to its rivals, but the quality of food is well worth the extra 2 minutes walk!

3 Gateway Drive, #02-13/14, Westgate, Singapore 608532

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