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One Ice Café Bingsu

Oreo Bingsu $6.80

With countless bingsu stalls popping up all over the region, it will come as little surprise that you’ll start to rank your best before introducing them to your friends. We have tried many the past couple of weeks, but when we take into account the price/satisfaction ratio, One Ice Café will certainly rank way up in our shortlist.

One Ice Café
One Ice Café

At $6.80 per bowl for the Oreo bingsu, it’s a steal! That’s when you compare the stalls over at Westgate serving them at double the price. How can they price it so cheap, then? I reckon that the rentals at J Cube are way lower, allowing the owners the possibility to charge their products more affordably. The demographics over at J Cube belong to the younger crowd, too. You’re definitely not going to consume $10 desserts on a daily basis without burning a hole in your pocket!

Oreo Bingsu $6.80
Oreo Bingsu $6.80

But as “expected”, pricing it so affordably can be perceived by consumers that it might not taste as good. And this is true to a certain extent, although it’s far from bland. The ice shavings are less fine than “premium” bingsus in town, which I feel is absolute key to enjoy. But they make it up with generous servings of Oreo bits and a scoop of chocolate ice cream, drenched in chocolate sauce.

It will be a challenge leaving a clean table after consuming your bingsu at One Ice Café, because of the powdered bits that scatter all over – just be considerate to clean up a little for the next user, because there’s a high chance that the table will be filled up the moment you leave! Its popularity is slowly increasing, albeit among polytechnic and secondary school students around the vicinity. Give it a try and satisfy your cravings for bingsu without breaking the bank!

One Ice Cafe (Facebook)

2 Jurong East Central 1, #02-67 JCube, 609731







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