Oaxen Krog Review: Savor New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm, Sweden

Oaxen Krog

Oaxen Krog is a waterside restaurant run by chef Magnus Ek and his wife Agneta Green on the Djurgarden Island in central Stockholm. While Oaxen Slip next door offers a casual dining experience for friends and family, at Oaxen Krog you are greeted by the quiet extravagance of the Nordic cuisine fitted into savory 6-course and 10-course menus – from yogurt-roasted cod cheeks with oak moss and cockles, to a heather-roasted saddle of lamb with pureed leeks.

Proudly Swedish

Oaxen Krog is the perfect restaurant for escaping the bustle of Stockholm without venturing too far from the city’s central attractions. Built in a former boat shed, this Swedish restaurant offers a beautiful view over the Gryt Archipelago that stretches out into the calm ocean.

Oaxen Krog
Step through a secret door in Oaxen Slip to emerge into an oak-furnished room with a nautical charm that grows on you slowly as you sit at the table. The open kitchen design means that you can see the chefs at work. Large curtain windows will catch your eye, but only until the delicacies from the resplendent New Nordic menu begin to arrive.

The menu at the Oaxen Slip is proudly Scandinavian but with many creative touches from renowned chef Magnus Ek.

Six & Ten Course Menus

While the 6-course menu with its Swedish duck, forest capers & fennel seeds, oak moss and calf cheese seasoned with green juniper can make any mouth water, the real deal at the Oaxen Krog is the 10-course treat handcrafted by chef Magnus Ek. It begins with a beguiling Langoustine, pepelino cucumber & sauce with grilled juniper, continues with Kohlrabi & browned smen, ramson & pickled green peas, and ends with a delicious Set cream infused with verbena, juice of caramelized celeriac, spruce & wild rosemary.

Oaxen Krog
Delicately balanced and yet full of deep flavors, the menu at Oaxen Krog reflects the essence of the Nordic cuisine, as interpreted by its creative chef. While the cooking is modern, at the foundation of every menu is a careful selection of traditional techniques that firmly establish the Nordic character of the restaurant. It’s good to know that Fridays and Saturdays the restaurant serves exclusively the 10-course menu. Apart from seasonal Swedish ingredients, local Djurgården herbs add a nice touch to some of the dishes.

Oaxen Krog
The Wine

As all top restaurants, Oaxen Krog offers a fine wine cellar list with highlights such as the Blanc de Blancs Champagne 2004 L’Artiste, the 1995 Le Mesnil Grand Cru, or exquisite Burgundy such as Domaine Prieuré Roch 1996 Grand Cru Clos de Bèze. Oaxen Krog’s extensive wine cellar features bottles from Europe’s top wine and champagne makers.

One thing to note before heading to Oaxen Krog is that the bridge out to Djurgården is closed during the summer and December on weekends. Because of the restaurant’s location, no parking space is available either. But this is hardly a problem, as Oaxen Krog is just the type of restaurant you want to find at the end of a long stroll or taxi boat ride.

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