Mookata at Golden Mile

Mookata Thai BBQ Golden Mile

Have you been hearing your friends talk about Mookata, and always wondered what it is? Mookata at Golden Mile isn’t just the name of a restaurant. It is also the word to describe a traditional Thai table-top BBQ meal.

How is the mookata different from ordinary tabletop barbeques? For starters, it’s not just a hotplate on the table. Mookata barbeque features a charcoal fire hidden beneath a domed metal plate. This plate has slits in it for better grilling of the meat. The metal plate curves down then rises up to form a metal moat, in which a plain soup base is poured.

Mookata at Golden Mile

This is all well and good, but what really sets mookata apart from ordinary tabletop barbeques is that it uses lard instead of oil or butter, officially making it the most sinful tabletop BBQ experience currently available in Singapore! Three chunks of lard were used to grease the plate at the place I dined at, and I could see the fat roll off the sides of the plate and into the soup. As a result of this the soup also ends up being delicious, but that’s something you savour at the end!

Authentic Thai BBQ Ingredients & Sauces
Authentic Thai BBQ Ingredients & Sauces

Mookata is typically served with a set of raw ingredients including but not limited to staples of meat, assorted vegetables, prawns, squid, eggs, and a helping of vermicelli. The clincher for the meal, however, is the chilli. Some places serve amazing chilli to accompany their food. You can also request for rice to be served with your meal.

So what’s the best way to eat mookata?

Mookata Thai BBQ
Mookata Thai BBQ

Cook your food as you would a normal tabletop BBQ with a soup accompaniment: meat and seafood goes on top, while vegetables go in the soup. Top up the soup as it boils away over the course of your meal (but don’t forget to savour it too!).

Save the vermicelli for last, when your soup is tastiest 🙂 Voila! You’ve just experienced a sinful mookata barbeque meal!

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