Milk and Honey Gelato at Bedok North

Milk and Honey Gelato are a single-outlet brand tucked away in the heart of the famous Bedok 85 area, and they serve damn good ice cream.

This homegrown brand doesn’t offer as many flavours as its competitors do, and is lacking in ‘local’ flavours like chempendak and chendol. However what Milk and Honey Gelato lacks in quantity, it makes up for in quality. Each flavour of ice cream here is packed with thick, flavourful goodness, and the scoops are generous. There were twelve flavours in total available at Milk and Honey Gelato, and we sampled four. The Balsamic Strawberry flavour was extremely good, the balsamic flavour giving plain old strawberry ice cream a great twist. The horlicks flavour – Salty Malt – was rich with just the right amount of saltiness. Sun Kiss, their citrus flavour, was refreshing and cool, and their cookies and cream flavour with its chocolate base had a deliciously interesting taste. It would be great if orders were accompanied with serviettes, though.


The namecards adorning each tray of gelato don’t do their best to describe the flavour inside. The vanilla flavour, aptly called White Beauty, left us wondering what its subtitle ‘the simple things in life’ was supposed to hint. However the scoopies here are very friendly and are more than happy to explain what each flavour is. A single scoop in their standard cup costs S$2.80, and is well worth it. A pint costs just S$9.


Milk and Honey Gelato aren’t the best ice cream cafe in terms of ambiance. Seats are simple tables and plastic stools along the common corridor, while the indoor seating can fit just two tables with two chairs each. There is also little to no air conditioning. However visit late on a cool night and you’ll enjoy the solitude of the neighbourhood. Milk & Honey Gelato also offer an overly sweet lemongrass drink, waffles, and various types of buddy meals, so it’s not a bad (and affordable) place for a chat with friends!

Milk and Honey Gelato is open until midnight every day, except for Fridays and Saturdays, where it closes at 1am 🙂

Milk and Honey Gelato
Blk 86, Bedok North St 4, #01-179
Singapore 460086

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  1. Hi there,

    Greetings! Thank you for your feature some time back on our subsidiary – Milk & Honey Gelato. Recently we just launched a new series of products.

    I would like to warmly invite you for a tasting session.Look forward to your favorable reply.

    Warmest Regards,
    clarence sim
    chief alignist
    Milk & Honey Gelato

    Mobile: +65 9786 9754

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