Melt The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental

One of Singapore’s more famous buffet lines, Melt  The World Cafe at the Mandarin Oriental fell a little short of expectations during brunch this weekend.

Much lauded by foodies all around, it seems like Melt  The World Cafe’s standards might be dropping as the years go by. The buffet line seems all right at first glance; the food stations are many and varied and crowded with diners, and the plates are piled high with food. Visually, Melt The World Cafe’s buffet line seems a veritable feast. Then I picked up a plate and took a closer look.


I started with the cold seafood and Japanese section, where dishes were mostly a hit or miss. The oysters and crab claws from the cold seafood station were lovely, but the snow crab legs were soggy and tasteless, sure signs of not being thawed out properly. The Japanese section was in no way like what had been immortalised in photographs all over the internet. In spite of it being Sunday brunch, only three types of sashimi and an equally tiny selection of sushi were available. The rest of the starters – salami and salads – were up to normal Melt – The World Cafe standards, though.

melt the world cafe - sushi counter
melt the world cafe – sushi counter

Moving on to the cooked food – there was an egg station and a pasta station, and an outdoor grill. All this on top of an Indian food section, a hearty Western selection, as well as Southeast Asian eats. There was also a corner specially dedicated to foie gras. The food was on a whole well presented and kept warm in spite of the air conditioning. Staff manning the stations were helpful and polite, and the food served was also very good. The grill’s selection of meats, while well seasoned, were a little dry when I finally tried them.

melt the world cafe - indian cuisine
melt the world cafe – indian cuisine

The dessert section was where Melt – The World Cafe really outdid itself though. There was a chocolate fountain, assorted chocolates and bite-sized cakes, and a waffle and crepe station. The waffles and crepes were made on the spot to your liking, and a variety of toppings, including freshly made whipped cream, were available. The cakes and chocolates were not fantastic, but the waffles and crepes and chocolate fountain were perfect, if a little roughly made around the edges.

melt the world cafe - desserts
melt the world cafe – desserts

Though the price tag for a Sunday brunch with free flow of juices and soft drinks was a little steep at S$105++ per head, Melt – The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental hotel is still worth a go even in this day. Rather, it’s best to go before the standards collapse completely!

Melt – The World Cafe
2nd floor, Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Raffles Avenue
Marina Square
Singapore 039797
t: +65 6885 3500

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