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M.A.D Bistro & Lounge

Pan Fried Seabass, Japanese Curry, Japanese Grain, Tamago Furikake

Given the tight confines of our island nation, it will come as no surprise that cafes will be filled up regardless of where they are situated. After all, nowhere is too far for the food-loving nation! But we might just have found a place that is not too packed, yet boasts exemplary food with a unique concept – an art gallery that you can browse while waiting for your food to be served!

There is something quirky about the dishes served. After all, we would expect nothing less with a name like this! We tried the weekday lunch set for SGD$21. This 3-course meal starts off with Watermelon/Arugula/Yuzu/Nuts/Chive Stick – a concoction that leads you on to believe that there are more surprises coming up! A “stick” of watermelon doesn’t sound like much, but the subtle taste of yuzu transforms the entire flavour. Refreshing!

Watermelon, Arugula, Yuzu Nuts, Chive Stick
Watermelon, Arugula, Yuzu Nuts, Chive Stick

Next up will be the Pan Fried Seabass/Japanese Curry/ Japanese Grain/Tamago Furikake. Yes, it comes in a tin – but not those that you grab off the shelves in your usual supermarket spree. Peel open the tin and there is plenty of gravy to “submerge” the generous slice of seabass – a worthy main to perk up your day!

Magic beneath the hood!
Magic beneath the hood!
Pan Fried Seabass, Japanese Curry, Japanese Grain, Tamago Furikake
Pan Fried Seabass, Japanese Curry, Japanese Grain, Tamago Furikake

Ending the 3-course meal will be the Creme Catalana/Granola/Yuzu Granita. Another dish fettled with yuzu, but this is prepared very differently, the sticky, warm crust of the crème brulee makes for a pleasant dessert.

Creme Catalana, Granola, Yuzu Granita
Creme Catalana, Granola, Yuzu Granita

It’s worth noting that the other main courses to choose from the menu include Truffle Risotto/Mushroom or Chicken Burger/Double Cheese. On the whole, the presentation is nice, and not too pricey taking into account the good food and service. Will we be back for more? Definitely, and perhaps to spend more time admiring the brilliant art pieces on display!

M.A.D Bistro (Facebook / Website)

Address: 10 Tanglin Road #01-01/#02-01, Singapore 247908, Telephone: 6734 5688

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