Lake Kenyir in Malaysia – Largest Man-Made Lake in Southeast Asia

Lake Kenyir
Lake Kenyir - Largest Man Made Lake In Southeast Asia

Lake Kenyir is the largest man-made lake in the entire Southeast Asia. Located in Terengganu Malaysia, it has more than 340 islands spread around 38,000 hectares of water catchment area, with the largest island estimated the same size as Singapore. The nature reserve offers a number of recreational activities for its visitors. These include fishing, jungle trekking, caves exploration, and other water sports.

For those who enjoys Mother Nature and have fun exploring them, caves exploration would be your cup of tea. Bewah and Taat are two magnificent limestone hills and the keepers of several magnificent caves. These caves are also the sites where archeological discoveries dating back to Neolithic times were made. They uncovered artifacts such as kitchen utensils, axes and tools. The Taat Caves has two visible entrances while the Bewah Caves has only one entrance. Spectacular views of the formation of stalagmites and stalactites could be seen inside these caves. The caves are about an hour and a half by boat from Pengkalan Gawi. Don’t forget to bring along your torchlight and perhaps you might discover an artifact or two.


If you’ve been to Terengganu but never been to the waterfalls, then you’ve never been to Terengganu.

There are more than 14 waterfalls, and all are beautiful and worth visiting. There are many ideal spots for picnics as the atmosphere is cooling, relaxing and rejuvenating. Toilets, changing rooms and rest areas are located nearby too.

The more spectacular waterfalls are the Lasir Waterfalls, Tembat Waterfalls and Saok Waterfalls. Lasir Waterfalls is located 16km to the south of Pengkalan Gawi, 20-30 minutes by boat. With a majestic fall of some 500 feet, Lasir drops gracefully onto a multi tiered level of boulders and rocks forming cascading showers of foaming white sprays of waters. They provide pavilions and seats for those who do not wish to swim and would just like to enjoy the scenery. Tembat is composed of 5 rapids of fast flowing cascades and it is the most popular destination for campers. From Pengkalan Gawi it takes an hour by boat. There is a hiking trail that leads to the top of the waterfall and from there you get to see the magnificent view of the waterfall and its surrounding. Saok is about 15 minutes by boat from Pengkalan Gawi. The cascading waters over its rocky terraces and boulders and a flat sandy area at ground level makes it a perfect spot for picnic for the whole family.

With so many waters surrounding you, water sports cannot be missed out. To be precise, it is 38,000 hectares. Kenyir Lake is promoted as a water sport circuit. Jet-skiing, kayaking, canoeing, boating, rafting, and shooting rapids are among the many water sports activities available. Watch out for the annual jet-ski competition, the Kenyir Regatta and the traditional long-boat race.

It is the best place to relax, release stress, and recharge your body from the hectic city. Appreciate Nature.

There are many accommodations available, ranging from rooms, chalets, dorms to bungalows. The few resorts that we recommend would be Lake Kenyir Resort and Spa, Petang Island Resort, Kenyir Sanctuary Resort, Lake Land Resort, Uncle John Resort, Musang Kenyir Resort, Tanjong Mentong Resort, Federal Government Resthouse, Kenyir Lake Resort.

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