Kovan Rojak At Kovan Market

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Rojak. The one dish that we Singaporeans can all agree that sums our culture up.

I’ve been in a rojak craving lately and have tried quite a few rojaks, this was when I start to realise that even though the ingredients are mostly similar, it’s the proportion of the sauce, peanuts and size of the chunks that make the difference.

kovan rojak

One of my favourite so far is Kovan Rojak (next to #01-39 at Kovan Food Centre). Over here the proportion is just right and the pieces are cut into bite sized so you won’t be a mess! The you tiao, or fried fritters are grilled till they have that crispness and that slightly burnt taste, something I don’t really find in a lot of the usual rojak stalls. I added century egg to mine and I liked that they also mixed it in and tumbled the eggs in the sauce. The pineapple was also slightly less ripe which made it balance the whole dish better.

kovan rojak close up

The rojak comes in a basic $3/$4/$5 option and you can add $1 for more you tiao or century egg. Otherwise if you are feeling hungry you can add jellyfish or cuttlefish for $2.

kovan rojak eating

A humble place with a great taste. What more can you ask for!

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