Kolkovna Restaurant Review: Great Roasts and Fresh & Foamy Pilsner Urquell in Prague, Czech Republic

Kolkovna Restaurant Prague

The freshest Pilsner Urquell beer in Prague and the staples of Czech cuisine – that’s the promise that Kolkovna Restaurant Prague makes and, judging by its popularity, it keeps. This Czech pub-style restaurant celebrates the history of beer brewing in the Czech Republic, the country that brewed the world’s first Pilsner.

The Location

Within a short walk of the Old Town Square, Kolkovna is set on a beautiful square near the Municipal House, making it an easy-to-access, albeit often crowded restaurant. Even though there are plenty of tables at Kolkovna, you might as well book it in advance. If it’s summer, you can enjoy the airiness of the terrace, which opens up on one of the city’s most romantic squares. Inside, the warm interior and the tasteful blend of modern designs with traditional Czech motifs and memorabilia create an inviting atmosphere for both couples and groups.

The Menu

At the Kolkovna Restaurant Prague, the menu revolves around traditional Czech dishes – rich goulash seasoned with paprika, spicy pork ribs, or fine fowl or pig roasts. One of the specialties is wild board, well roasted and with a cohort of vegetables to aid its descent down your palate. Other attractions from the main course menu come in the form of homemade smoked sausages and oyster blade beef wagyu with baby green beans and potato tart.

Kolkovna’s menu is varied and big enough to suit all palates. The emphasis may be on Czech dishes that bring with them the strong flavor and heartiness of the local cuisine, but if you just want steak and a good portion of French fries, you won’t be disappointed. Portions are big and hearty, which almost calls for some Pilsner at the end to wash them all down.

One of the attractions at Kolkovna are the side dishes that accompany many of the main courses and which go beyond the usual French fries or mashed potatoes – red or white cabbage or traditional dumplings.

Kolkovna Restaurant
Kolkovna manages to be rustic in a warm and welcoming way. From the ample roasted duck that’s being served on a wood cutting board to the traditional bowls for cabbage soup, the food presentation enhances the dining experience. The tables aren’t particularly large, which may give the restaurant a sense of being crowded, but this can create a cozy atmosphere, especially in the colder seasons, when Prague can feel icy.

Something for Everyone

Kolkovna’s spirit may be deeply Czech, but this isn’t a die-hard traditional restaurant. Super-sized beef burgers, salmon, salads, or pasta – they’re all available. International dishes are a key component of the Kolkovna Restaurant Prague menu, and a good way out for vegetarians and pescetarians who may be daunted by the heavy meat component of most Czech dishes.

Soups are also important in the Kolkovna menu, in that they are rich in vegetables and can provide hearty meals for themselves. Moravian cabbage soup or the potato soup from the Krkonoše Mountains with wild mushrooms and marjoram, served in a bread bowl, are two of the lighter attractions.

Kolkovna Restaurant Prague
Best Beer in Prague

But the key attraction at Kolkovna is undoubtedly the beer, fresh and foaming, right from the tank. Kolkovna Restaurant Prague is one of the few restaurants where you can order Pilsner Urquell straight from the brewery, unpasteurized, just out from an airtight tank. That’s just the kind of thing you want to drink after the savory main courses this restaurant has built its reputation on.

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