Huqqa Cafe Review: The Best Shisha in Istanbul, Turkey

Huqqa Cafe

Huqqa Cafe Istanbul provides the oriental experience you’d expect from a Turkish cafe in a sophisticated yet pleasant modern setting. The cafe’s inspired location in the Besiktas neighborhood, overlooking the Bosporus, means you can enjoy some striking views, if you have good fortune to get a good sitting, that is. Popular throughout the day, Huqqa can feel a bit crowded, and the waiting times aren’t great.

The relaxing atmosphere at Huqqa Cafe Istanbul with its understated wooden interior, colorful couches, and fresh plants scattered here and there is as good a reason to visit it as is the fire shisha or the cafe. The cool and fresh interior makes this cafe a good stop on hot days.

Smoking Never Felt So Good

The best reason to stop at Huqqa Cafe Istanbul is the shisha, the Turkish take on smoking. The smoke is cooled while passing through a water container, leading to a more refined experience than what cigarettes offer. There aren’t that many shisha flavors, but the quality of the tobacco is one of the reasons why this restaurant is so popular. The glass bottles used are also creative and ingenious.
Huqqa Cafe
The iPad menus at the cafe are full of treats that you can enjoy alongside your glass of fresh fruit juice or cup of coffee. Coffees are well-represented at Huqqa Cafe Istanbul, with the simple cappuccino being an easy and inexpensive treat. The great selection of fresh fruit juices is also great.

Great Sweets

Desserts are one of the highlights at this cafe. Fruity and vibrant, they come in startling colors and prove the craftsmanship of their creators. Passing by the glass case that showcases some of them without grabbing one can be a challenge. A house specialty is the Oreo Coconut Desert which tastes as great as it sounds. Huqqa Cafe Istanbul also gets extra points for the nice presentation of its desserts, many of which come in cute plates with fun images.

Huqqa Cafe
If you want a mouth-watering burger or a pizza with everything on it, you can get it at Huqqa Cafe Istanbul, but you might as well try local treats like the fresh fruit salad with bananas, strawberries, and greens, or a wholesome glass of almond milk.

For more culinary flavors, you can head over to the Huqqa restaurant nearby, hosted in another wing of the building, which serves a modern mix of Mediterranean, European, Turkish, and Halal cuisine, with plenty of vegetarian options and special Dinner and Late Night meals.

Huqqa Cafe
Huqqa Cafe Istanbul works well for large groups and families with children, as there are plenty of spacious tables with enough chairs around them.

Huqqa Cafe
Huqqa Cafe Istanbul is great for those who are hedonists at heart. The menu with its wealth of flavors will tempt you to stay longer and order more than you initially planned. This isn’t the sort of cafe where you just grab a quick coffee and leave. It’s more of a relaxing lounge where you can enjoy hours in the company of family and friends. It’s a perfect stop after a trip through Istanbul.

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