How To Travel Alone

Travel Alone

Traveling alone is fun, empowering and thrilling. It’s is about you and your trip and creating an experience by travelling to a country or a place on your own. Isn’t that stimulating? Yes, with many advantages of a being a solo traveller, it also brings forward few disadvantages and safety concerns. As soon as you decide to travel alone, keep in mind the following tips to combat safety concerns:

  • Research about your destination thoroughly about its crime rates, risky areas, and other safety issues relating to your destination.
  • Spread your itinerary among your family and friends as this would help them know what your schedule is and let them know about the time when you would make a call. In case of emergency, they would know where and how to send the help.
  • Even though you feel less confident at times at a new place, make sure you fake it and give others an impression that you are confident and know exactly what you are doing.
  • Try to go for an established hotel even if it’s a little heavy on your pocket. For people on budget solo travel, they can choose hostels over hotels.
  • Ensure you reach your destination before the dark and are able to reach your hotel via taxi during the day time.
  • Keep photocopies of all your important documents handy along with your hotel address.
  • Always hire a licensed taxi when traveling and stay connected to people or other groups who travel alone.
  • Women who travel alone must keep a defensive spray or a pepper spray in their bags.

Traveling alone gets you freedom as you will have no disagreements or difference in thoughts on places to visit, money to spend on food, when to visit a place and when to get up in the morning! Traveling alone is all about you and your trip. In addition to this, you get to meet locals, understand their culture better, get connected with other groups of solo travellers  and make your tour more exciting. From doing things your way to meeting and socialising with natives and other travellers, solo travel can be your most enriching experience.

With many advantages attached to traveling alone, there are a few disadvantages also. On days when you are feeling low or sick, you would want a friend to help you a little in navigating the streets. The tour may cost you more than a tour shared with your friend or family. The taxi costs and hotel bills, may look inflated with just you paying for them all alone.

Usually people who travel alone are the ones who are on a business trip or want complete freedom on their leisure trip.

Health is another factor to keep in mind while traveling alone. Ensure you take care of your health while you are traveling all by yourself.

Traveling most often causes gut related problems, make sure you have medicines handy for diarrhoea, nausea and for stomach infections. Make sure to carry multi vitamins and pain killers to give you extra strength during your travel and combat any muscular pains. Keep a mosquito repellent and use it all through the day.

Keeping in mind the safety and health tips, you can travel alone easily without any apprehensions. Go and pamper your free spirit!

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