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We sampled Sin Kee in one of our previous article, and lingered around to try one of the more unique desserts over at The Bedok Marketplace. Hot Pans could easily fit into cafes in town, but I reckon that with soaring rental prices etc.., it’ll be wise to situate their outlet on the outskirts, while focusing on the quality of their food at a more affordable price.

Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet

Hot Pans serve Dutch Baby pancakes, which originated in Germany, but made famous in USA according to their “Fact Sheet” at the stall front. I like how they bring the consumer into the picture, which allows us to know what we’re having. This might sound bizarre, but slowing down to understand what exactly inspired these dishes makes each meal that much more satisfying.

This was supposed to be a traditional breakfast meal, served with a slice of butter, lemon and sugar. But to be honest, this would fit more appropriately after the main course in modern day speak!


We ordered the pear and apple crumble Dutch Baby pancake ($9), and shared this portion among the 3 of us. It’s more than sufficient to understand what goes on behind the preparation that might take a bit longer than other desserts, because it takes time for the pancake to fluff up.

Pear & Apple Crumble Dutch Baby Pancake $9
Pear & Apple Crumble Dutch Baby Pancake $9

One highlight would be the crispy sides that rise way above the piping hot pan upon serving. It’s sprinkled with icing sugar, and the step-by-step guide provided by them suggests that we consume this with a slice of eggy pancake. It can taste bland just by having the crisp, but the taste transforms to one that is sweet, but not overpowering once the eggy portions are gobbled down.

Would we come back for more? Yes, but we’ll sample another Dutch Baby with an alternative topping. And at under $10 per plate, we would consider this a bespoke budget meal!

Hot Pans (Facebook)

Simpang Bedok, 348 Bedok Road, #02-14 S469560

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