Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant At M Hotel

hokkaido sushi at M hotel

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant in M Hotel is a great place to enjoy great sushi and sashimi in Singapore.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant specialises in Japanese cuisine, and is named thus as it uses ingredients specifically from Hokkaido. Their fish and other ingredients are flown in from Japan several times a week, and are used to create exquisite dishes I’ve yet to see in other local high-end Japanese restaurants.

Dining here is suitable for families, couples, or even groups of friends. Though Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant exudes a high-end feel, it is friendly on the wallet thanks to frequent tie-ups with Groupon. A $100 meal can be slashed to just $50 with the use of a voucher, and the restaurant does not skimp out on its Groupon guests by offering lower quality food.

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However to fully appreciate Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, I recommend going for a full omakase experience by the counter. Experienced sushi chefs will serve you fresh and delicious sashimi and sushi not unlike what you would get from a restaurant in Japan! The service staff at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant are old hands – I always see the same faces – and they do their job well. They tend to be a bit overwhelmed during the Groupon periods, though, so you might want to avoid those times for a better dining experience.

Only the finest ingredients are used at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant. Its sashimi is some of the best in Singapore. Not only does Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant serve less common fish, its sashimi is also fresh and of very high quality. If you are doing an omakase course, the chef will ask if you have any preferences, and then tailor the meal to your taste.

This same quality is seen in its sushi, which are made carefully and presented over the counter by the chefs themselves. Depending on the chef who serves you, you may be served sushi one by one (which is good, as you can tell them to stop when you are full) or you may be served sushi in a set of several pieces.

Man cannot live on sushi and sashimi alone, though, and your omakase meal at Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant will be accompanied by indulgent dishes, such as grilled Kobe beef and snow crab miso soup.

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They do have an a la carte menu, but given the rarity of ingredients that Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant brings in, it’s usually best to either have omakase or ask for recommendations from the experienced servers. For dessert, do try their Yuzu sorbet or Black Sesame ice cream. These make for very nice finishers to your meal.

The ambience of the Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant is definitely more enjoyable outside of its peak periods, but the quality of its food and service more than makes up for any lack of ambience.

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant
81 Anson Road
M Hotel, 9th Floor

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