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Dong Po Colonial Café – Kandahar Street’s Old School Charm

dong po colonial cafe

Kandahar Street might be better known for their shisha and Arabic shops with endless silk-related art pieces, but there’s certainly more to indulge if we scrutinise further into its inner depths. One of the more prominent shops includes a humble eatery called Dong Po Colonial Café. The setting looks like one ripped off from Malacca’s Jonker Street, which is a refreshing change and no bad thing at all considering that most of Singapore’s landscape embrace modernity and cutting edge designs. This place brings about a very inviting sense of nostalgia.

Kaya Butter Toast, Eggs & Coffee set
Kaya/Butter Toast, Eggs & Coffee set – S$4.50

So what’s in it that strikes a chord with us, apart from the old school setting? The cakes look that those prepared 10 years ago, with the decorations, texture, and taste all serving to let me feel and understand how simple but effective these cakes could be, especially when pitched aside stronger, thicker cakes costing 3 to 4 times the price. The cakes here buck the trend and deliver good, honest flavours, including the signature orange lamington, as well as my personal favourites – the lemon cake and rum cake.

Assorted Cakes

You will not like these cakes if red velvet and rainbow cakes are your priorities. I reckon that those who appreciate these cakes are likely to be Gen Y or earlier, as they grew up consuming these flavours. It’s back to basics for us this time round, and it played out to good effect!

Address: 56 Kandahar St, Singapore 198904
Telephone: 6298 1318

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