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Ding Ji (by Fei Siong Group)

Ding Ji @ 284 Bishan Street 22

The ease of access to reviews has altered the way we consume our food. Gone are the days where we would perform “trial and errors” and only recommend eateries based on word of mouth. With countless reviews and opinion online (Fravel included!), the landscape has changed to yield a much easier way of consuming information. In fact, that’s how we ended up at Ding Ji mushroom minced meat noodle.

Take a look at their website ( and you will be taken by surprise at the amount of effort placed to market their franchises all over Singapore. You can read up on their history too – it’s part of the Fei Siong Group, an ever-present name if you frequent local coffeeshops. F&B brands under their care include EAT, Malaysia Boleh, Nam Kee Pau and even Ci Yuan Hawker Centre. Interesting!

Fish maw soup with noodles
Fish maw soup with noodles

They are known for producing fresh, bouncy fishballs served with the signature bak chor mee. They are specialised in whipping up Laksa too, but we were more interested in the bak chor mee (and the soup that claims to be one of the better ones in town!).

The “About” page on the website represents Ding Ji’s philosophy – bringing home a sense of nostalgia at a fraction of the price. Yes, nothing beats dining in with your family at your favourite coffeeshop.

Ding Ji Signature Noodles ($5)
Ding Ji Signature Noodles ($5)

We sampled the Ding Ji Signature noodles. You will be able to spot the generous serving of mushrooms right on top of the noodles. We’re huge fans of soft, slightly oily mushrooms with bak chor mee. But too much might overpower the flavour of the sauce. This weighs in just about right, and blends in well with the slightly spicy and salty taste of the other sauce. The noodle is springy and never tough, which is essential for your overall mee pok indulgence!

Fish Maw Soup with Noodles ($8)
Fish Maw Soup with Noodles ($8)

We also ordered a side of fish maw soup with noodles. We found it priced a little steep at SGD$8.00, although you’ll be gathering plenty of fish maw from each scoop. The soup is tasty, but we had to reach for water after our meal, and even after a couple of hours. Yes, MSG is apparent in the meal judging by how often we consume water. But it’s still worth it to try at least once if you’re in Bishan!

Our favourite “concoction” would be the mushroom minced pork with kway teow. We did not try this exact mixture, but will be back soon to order this along with Laksa to satisfy our local cravings!

Ding Ji (Website)

Address: Blk 284 Bishan Street 22, (24 hours coffeeshop)

Or visit their outlets scattered islandwide:

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