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Dandelion @ Bangkok Sukhumvit Road

Big breakfast with Mac and Cheese (SGD 12)

Dandelion is situated along Sukhumvit Road, with the nearest station being BTS Thong Lo. You’d still have to walk a good 15 minutes after exiting the station, but it’s well worth the walk if it’s not that inconvenient – there’s a higher likelihood that the café will be less packed!


And our “daring” adventure paid off. We reached Dandelion at 1030am, and only a couple of tables were filled despite opening at 7am. We reckon that the relatively quiet café might be due to Dandelion also doubling up as a cooking school – we were privileged to witness aspiring chefs working on cupcake decoration – not a bad past time for a casual Sunday morning!

Iced Latte (SGD 4)
Iced Latte (SGD 4)

We ordered their signature dishes, with one being scrambled eggs topped with generous servings of sliced cheese. We like how the eggs are fluffy and thick, filling up the circumference of the pan. You will also get a side of ham and yes, a crispy croissant if you dig deeper under the cheese. There’s an abundance of sauce within the croissant to keep every bite moist and tasty. Divine…

Scrambled eggs with cheese (SGD 12)
Scrambled eggs with cheese (SGD 12)

The big breakfast with Mac and Cheese was next, and this, in our opinion, is the star dish due to the creamy Mac and Cheese. We went into Dandelion with a game plan – leaving our tummies empty. But just this serving of Mac and Cheese will keep you full for a good six hours. The accompanying sausage is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside, complementing the thicker, and much more filling Mac and Cheese.

Big breakfast with Mac and Cheese (SGD 12)
Big breakfast with Mac and Cheese (SGD 12)

We also like the reliable and prompt service. Even though the order is made on the first floor, they would make frequent trips up to the second floor where we’re seated to check on us. Apart from the food, you can also relive your childhood days by mastering your art of the drawing sheets, or simply relax on the hammock (yes, a hammock!). The windows let in sufficient natural light too, so you can take a decent selfie if you’re keen. Dandelion is highly recommended, and a brilliant café to relax. Explore it before it gains popularity!

Dandelion (Facebook)

919, Sukhumvit between Soi 49 and 51, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

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