China’s Best Beaches in Sanya Hainan Island

Sanya Beach, Hainan Island

When you think of China, perhaps you immediately think of its mega-metropolis cities like Beijing, or Shanghai. Although China has a bad reputation for pollution, there are actually a lot of regions in China with amazing flora, fauna, and beaches. Hainan Island is well-known as China’s most beautiful tropical vacation destinations. Hainan Island is located just east of Vietnam at the southernmost tip of China’s western region. Many tourists from China, and other countries in Asia flock to Hainan Island each year to soak up the sun’s rays and enjoy its pristine shores.

If you’re planning a vacation to Hainan Island, you’ll want to know which beaches are Hainan’s best. Hainan boasts over 20 amazing beaches, but we’ve narrowed down the list to our top five picks. Check out our list of Hainan Island’s Top 5 Beaches to help you plan your stay.


Hainan Island’s Top Five Beaches


Image: Sanyaweb

1. Riyue Bay is the best spot for surfing in Sanya, Hainan Island

Riyue Bay is an internationally acclaimed surfing spot in China’s Hainan Island and boasts incredible waves, and empty beaches. To get Riyue Bay it’s best to take the high speed train to Wanning Station, and then take a taxi to Riyue Bay. Once there, you’ll see Riyue Bay Surfing Club where you can have a delicious seafood meal. They even have surfing coaches, and a surf shop where you can rent your gear.

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Image: VisitHainan

2. Yalong Bay Beach in Sanya, Hainan Island  if perfect for snorkeling

Yalong Bay boasts an incredible number of resorts that cater to your every need. These luxurious resorts keep the beaches clean so that you can enjoy the beautiful pristine waters of Yalong Bay. The waters are so crystal clear here that depths of up to 8 meters can be seen from the top of the water. This makes Yalong Bay the perfect spot for snorkeling, and diving trips.



3. Sanya’s Dadong Hai Bay Offers Relaxation, and Nightlife

It’s true that some of Hainan Island’s beaches can be crowded, and touristy. However, Dadong Hai offers a more chilled out vibe for visitors looking to relax and enjoy the sun. There are plenty of beach chairs with sun umbrellas available on Dadong Hai’s beaches so you can stretch out, relax, and read a good book while watching the waves roll in. At night Dadong Hai is a great place for going out, and as the evening progresses you’ll hear more and more music, as the party crowds roll in.

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Image: What’

4. Take a hike to enjoy stunning views of Luhuitou Peninsula’s Beaches

Hainan Island’s Luhuitou Peninsula in Sanya started out as a traditional fishing village, and you can still see the locals living in a traditional manner in some parts of this area. Atop Luhuitou Peninsula’s mountain, you’ll find an interesting sculpture of a deer. Did you know that Sanya is also called “Deer City” in Chinese? This sculpture commemorates a local legend about a man being forced by the emperor of China to hunt deer in the mountains. Hiking up to the statue is also a great bit of fun, and offers stunning views of Luhuitou Peninsula’s beaches.


5. Sanya Bay in Hainan Island is the warmest beach in Sanya

Sanya Bay is not as popular as some of the other beaches on Hainan Island, which means that you can often enjoy cheaper rates. As Sanya’s warmest beach, you’ll find miles of white sands, and blue waters that stretch on and on. The western part of Sanya Bay is a wild, empty beach, which is great for exploring.

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