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Char Grill Bar At Sixth Avenue

With more than 20 outlets in the heartlands, Char-Grill Bar can be considered to be your most convenient Western food companion. We were at the outlet along Sixth Avenue on a weekday night, and we could literally see people flocking to the stall to get their dinner fix. We’ll not compare this to Astons as both can be regarded as the two most established Western hawker stalls in the local context. Rather, let’s flip this around and think about this from an alternative viewpoint – would you have this over local hawker food?

char grill bar at sixth avenue
Mexican Grill Chicken – $7.50

Of course, cravings play a part in deciding whether to splash the cash on to fill your empty tummy. But let’s bring in other factors. At $7.50 for a thick chunk of chicken and two sides, we reckon it’s pretty bang for buck! You could probably grab a bowl of Laksa for $4.00, but there’s every chance that you’ll sneak out to the kitchen for your supper fix just before bedtime. So when we bring in the factor of cost in the long run, you’re not losing out in any way!

You’ll probably not visit a Char-Grill Bar on purpose, because there’s higher likelihood that you’ll bump into one instead. We suggest opting for the basic set at $7.50, and that’s more than sufficient to cure your hunger pangs. There are countless dishes to choose from and it might sound ironic, but with Char-Grill Bar, Kopitiam-hopping will never be the same again…

Char-Grill Bar
Address: 10E Sixth Avenue, Singapore 276474
Price: Mexican Grill Chicken – S$7.50 (inclusive of 2 side dishes)

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