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Caco Restaurant @ Angkor Thom Commune

Angkor Wat

Our second day in Siem Reap comprised of temple hopping. And with the weather reaching sky high levels, we reckon that we needed plenty of food intake to replenish two hungry souls for lunch before the big walk – to none other than one of the man-made Wonders of the World – Angkor Wat.

We reckon that this lunch venue is tagged to the resort that we stayed. The table settings are similar to our breakfast table, and yes, the Tuk Tuk drivers are also from the resort, so you can imagine that the operations are branched out in an attempt to give customers a more holistic experience. For better or for worse? We let you decide!

So we’re dropped off at the CACO restaurant at the Angkor Thom Commune, after a 3-hour morning walk to unearth Angkor’s hidden treasures. And we knew that we needed to reload for the afternoon, hence the selection of fried rice, cooked with chicken and pork.

Fried rice with chicken (USD 7)
Fried rice with chicken (USD 7)

By now, we realised that the Cambodians love to serve gigantic portions of rice. It’s massive, and we could barely finish them! But with another long walk ahead of us, we knew that it would be wise to stuff what we could in our tummies.


Fried rice with pork (USD 7)
Fried rice with pork (USD 7)

The rice tastes just like the Chinese version, but there is a tinge of peppery taste on the pork and chicken to give it a stronger flavour than what we’re used to. Just like the usual lok lak and traditional amok, we could tell that the Cambodians like their rice to be cooked with a more intense flavour, too!

Random Shot
Random Shot

To be honest, we have no idea how to return to this restaurant without the address, as it’s wedged right in the Angkor Commune where a ticket (USD20 per day) is needed. But if you’re really keen to sample this (and we think you should!), book a night’s stay (no longer than that!) at the Petit Villa Boutique & Spa ( to enjoy the local taste a stone’s throw away from Angkor Wat.

Norin Srah Srang, Angkor Thom Commune, Siem Reap (FacebookTrip Advisor)

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