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Buck Tile Street Cafe @ Faber Drive

Buck Tile Street Cafe

Foodies residing in the West can argue that they are not exposed to the wide spectrum of gastronomical varieties the East has to offer, but dig deeper and you might actually find a couple of hidden treasures.

Buck Tile Street Café @ Faber Drive
Buck Tile Street Café @ Faber Drive

In steps Buck Tile Street Café – a humble eatery located at Faber Drive. To be honest, we were a little skeptical to try this out due to its inaccessibility. If you’re heading there by car, there are a couple of free parking lots just in front of the café, relegating the stressful need to tear coupons by the hour!

You can literally sit back and relax at Buck Tile Street Cafe, with a cheerful ambience that helps to brighten up your mood. The staff are friendly too, which is a definite plus taking into account that we’re often too tied up by hectic work schedules. So what’s in it that makes this café special?

Blue Velvet Waffle Island Coconut Ice Cream ($11.90)
Blue Velvet Waffle Island Coconut Ice Cream ($11.90)

If you’re browsing through their Instagram page, your smartphone’s screen should be occupied by their signature blue velvet waffle with a scoop of island coconut ice cream. Yes, it does look absolutely delicious, even though some might beg to differ with a turquoise-coated sauce drenched on the waffle. This sauce is home made, and does not taste extremely sweet, which allows the full flavour of the coconut to penetrate in every bite. Another signature dish would be the blue velvet cake, but we did not have the chance to try that this time round for fear of a post-lunch coma!

Buck Tile Street Cafe’s location, we reckon, can be considered strategic, even if it’s inaccessible. There are a couple of Japanese restaurants nearby, so you can hop over for dessert after your main course. We spotted a group of office workers engaging in a discussion at a corner for a good couple of hours, a “scene” that is highly unlikely in more populated cafes. After all, that’s what a café should feel like, carefree and fuss free, right?

BUCKTILE ST.CAFE (Facebook / Website)

104 Faber Drive, S129412

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