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Bosses Restaurant at Vivocity

Deep fried radish pancake ($6.80)

Fancy having dim sum like a boss? Bosses restaurant at Vivocity has the solution for you. Make it a point to dress the part too with a suit and tie, and you’ll feel like a Hong Kong movie star walking down the isle, ever ready to strike a multi-million dollar deal with your counterpart. No bloodshed please.

Apart from the setting, they serve pretty decent food too. Outstanding dishes include the bird egg siumai, delicately designed after a small bird using quail eggs, prawns and a couple of sesame seeds to double as their eyes! It might look quirky, but the overall taste remains familiar – just the way we like it.

Bird Egg Siumai ($15.00)
Bird Egg Siumai ($7.50)

We also ordered the steam radish cake, served in a deep, squarish bowl. Cut the radish and let the gravy soak into the dish. Wait for a while for the full effect and consume it with a tinge of chilli. It might appear overly salty at first, but let the taste settle and it will feel just about right.

Steam Radish Cake ($6.50)
Steam Radish Cake ($6.50)

The steam radish pancake (first image) might make use of similar ingredients as the previous dish, but the results are vastly different. The crispiness brings out another texture, before the radish’s soft inner surface takes over. It’ll be good to order this with a cup of Chinese tea to wash the oil down, before consuming other dishes. This taste is much stronger than the cake variant, but still manageable without penetrating the tastes of subsequent dishes.

Hor Fun with Egg ($16.00)
Hor Fun with Egg ($16.00)

Traditionalists might not favour this place, because it attempts to provide a quirky (and somewhat ominous) twist to a dim sum restaurant. Most of the furniture are black in colour – an inauspicious hue, but I’m sure that Gen Y consumers would not bother about this, and instead find it fascinating to dine in an ambience that would be widely unaccepted one century ago. Lovely!

Bosses Restaurant (Website)

1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-156/157 VivoCity, 098585

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