Bistango Restaurant NYC Review: Gluten-Free Italian Cuisine in New York City, USA

Bistango Restaurant

Bistango Restaurant NYC tempts you with multi-regional Italian cuisine and plenty of gluten-free alternatives in a seasonal menu. This is a quietly elegant restaurant where you can enjoy the best that the Italian cuisine has to offer in a warm and inviting setting. It’s an inspired choice for any occasion.

With a history that goes back to 1988, Bistango Restaurant NYC is well known on Manhattan’s East Side for its finely blended flavors and warm hospitality. When you first step into Bistango the place may seem smaller than it looks from the outside. But by the time you take your place at the table you realize that this isn’t a problem. The unpretentious wooden furnishings together with the quiet decor with framed artworks on a subdued red background create the pleasant atmosphere that you can expect from a popular Italian restaurant.

Did Anyone Say Brunch?

At the Bistango Restaurant NYC the highlight is the food. You can get Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner in the Italian style. Start your day with a graceful Cavalo Nero salad and soup with kale, toasted almonds, apple, pecorino, golden raisins, red wine vinaigrette and grilled shrimp that is fulfilling without being too heavy. You’ll also fall for smaller but savory dishes like mushroom toast with wild mushrooms, crème fraiche, and fried egg, or Linguini Carbonara with pancetta, spinach, and egg yolks.

Bistango Restaurant NYC
Italian Lunch

If you don’t have time for Brunch, you may as well show up for Lunch. You don’t want to miss the simple pleasure of Carciofini alla Romana with parsley, pan roasted baby artichokes, lemon and butter or the rich texture of Entree Special Salmone with grilled Scottish salmon, spinach, lemon, butter sauce. Wash it all down with a Chardonnay Tormaresca or a Montepulciano Brecciarolo from some of Italy’s famed wine regions.

Bistango Restaurant NYC
Dinner Treats

To enjoy the best that Bistango Restaurant NYC has to offer, you want to bring your partner or your friends to dinner. Brazato with Creekstone Farms short rib, red Belgium endive, gnocchi, melted Fontina, is a treat. But if you’d rather go for Gluten-free, fresh stuffed pasta, you have plenty of options with delicious homemade sauces. If you’re not sure which, you might as well choose the nutritious the dairy-free Eggplant Ravioli.


Whether it’s early in the afternoon or late at night, with the deserts at Bistango Restaurant NYC you can’t go wrong. Go beyond Tiramisu and Cheesecakes and try lemon tart with blueberry compote and whipped cream, or head straight for the gluten-free Trisome with its crunchy chocolate chip crust and a fine mix of cashews, pecans, dates, agaves, and crushed berries.

Bistango Restaurant NYC
Worried about all that gluten in the pasta? You don’t have to. At the Bistango you don’t have to do any hunting for the gluten-free section of the menu. Bistango Restaurant NYC stands out from other Italian restaurants in NYC because it offers a wealth of gluten-free alternatives that are so easy to find in the menu. Whether you have a gluten intolerance or would rather just avoid it, this restaurant makes this really easy.

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