Bistango Martini Lounge Review: Fireworks Martinis in Spokane, Washington

Bistango Martini Lounge

Spokane’s first martini lounge was established in 2005 and has enjoyed ever since a steady popularity. You can find the Bistango Martini Lounge close to the beautiful Davenport Hotel and River Park Square, in the heart of downtown Spokane. Some of the promises that the lounge makes its guests are fresh quality ingredients, upscale bar food, and the best lounge experience in the area. All that sounds good, but does this lounge live up to its promises?

The Setting

The bar at the Bistango Martini Lounge may not have a mirror, but that doesn’t make it any less glittery. The wealth of drinks available here is hinted at in the shelves, where bottle after bottle tempts your eyes with a quiet shine. The bartenders look like they know what they’re doing. Just looking at them mix and shake drinks can make you feel like you’ve come to the right place.

Bistango Martini Lounge
Bistango Martini Lounge is by no means big, and the low ceiling and long benches with close chairs and small round tables next to them create a sense of closeness. But let’s not forget this is a martini lounge and not a restaurant. All that closeness can promote social interaction, which makes it a good place to come to if you’re alone.

You Can Eat Here, Too

The menu at the Bistango Martini Lounge tempts you with plenty of Asian delights like Ahi Tuna, a Sashimi grade with a sesame crust served with sesame ginger sauce and Jasmine rice, or the old favorite hummus dish of Kalamata olives served with toasted pita bread.

If you’d rather go for something heavier, then the pan seared 8oz Hanger Steak with Sonnenberg steak seasoning served with blue cheese sauce won’t let you down. You can find it in the menu under “Steak Bites,” a name that just doesn’t do it justice.

Bistango Martini Lounge

Another dish worth discovering is the tempura-style shrimp. The crispness of the shrimp sets the stage for the lovely sweetness of the Asian honey sweet sauce.

Specialty Drinks

Cocktails at the Bistango Martini Lounge look alluring with their vibrant colors and exotic touches, but if you just want a good glass of whiskey, you can enjoy that in a laid-back, elegant atmosphere. Or you can just set your senses ablaze with a Fireworks Martini, finely crafted with Kahlua Coffee liqueur, chocolate liqueur, and fresh espresso. Or just quench you thirst with a House Fresh Mojitos with white rum, fresh juices, mint and lots of flavors to choose from.

But if you want something really hot, gut-melting even, then there’s no question what you should order – Hot “O” with 360 Mandarin Vodka muddled with jalapenos and fresh fruit juices. It’s a great way to burn.

Bistango Martini Lounge

Drinks at the Bistango Martini Lounge come with that sparkle that sets an elegant martini lounge apart from your average beach bar. Small touches like Cheers written with chocolate in the foam of your frappe make the Bistango Martini Lounge a place worth going to. That and the close and familiar atmosphere.

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