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BBQ ATC Chicken @ Siem Reap

BBQ Cambodia @ Angkor Trade Centre

A Korean chicken restaurant in Siem Reap? Yes, you heard right. Located at the first level of the Angkor Trade Centre, BBQ ATC offers a pleasant alternative to the usual traditional Cambodian delicacies. If you’re staying in the heart of Siem Reap, there’s a high possibility that you’ll be chancing upon this restaurant – the red signboard and non-traditional styling are dead giveaways!

BBQ Cambodia
BBQ Cambodia

We were pretty skeptical to enter the restaurant at first, taking into account that it’s empty! With turnover so stagnant, it can’t taste that delicious, yeah? We were proven absolutely wrong! We had the restaurant to ourselves, and the food was top notch.

BBQ Cambodia
BBQ Cambodia

The honey garlic chicken came first, and the crispiness and flavour can rival any Korean chicken chains located in Singapore – for less money. You will be greeted with a burst of salty flavours once you rest your teeth on the skin, and the tender meat beneath is very fresh, followed by a rush of strong garlic to remind ourselves to purchase Listerine on our way back to the resort!

Honey Garlic Chicken (USD 4.99)
Honey Garlic Chicken (USD 4.99)

Next came the mushroom chicken steak set. You can choose either one, or two portions of steak. And at USD6.99 (SGD10.00) for two portions of chunky chicken thighs, we consider it pretty bang for buck! This reminds us of Astons, but with a heavier emphasis on the chicken, rather than the sides. The gravy is very thick, which would be good to complement a bowl of rice. But we’ve had our fair share of amok and lok lak with rice, and French fries this time wouldn’t hurt!

Mushroom Chicken Steak Set (USD 6.99)
Mushroom Chicken Steak Set (USD 6.99)

If you want to relax in your Cambodian villa, feel free to call for a delivery and they’ll scoot their way to you free of charge. And if you have a sweet tooth, Swenson’s is just beside BBQ ATC, so grab a pint before heading out to brave the heat!

Angkor Trade Centre, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia (Facebook)

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