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Bake cheese tarts in Bangkok

Bake Cheese Tarts

Bake has pretty much risen to prominence in Bangkok, offering cheese tarts that originated from Hokkaido, Japan. It wasn’t long when Fravel felt that this should be franchised to Singapore, as it will be a sure-win for both the franchisee and franchiser. Yes, it has already taken Ion Orchard by storm, but would you want to join the snaking queues, or satiate your cravings only when you book your flights to Bangkok?

Bake Cheese Tarts @ Bangkok Emquartier
Bake Cheese Tarts @ Bangkok Emquartier

What’s in it that makes it such a hit? The ingredients are thick, chewy and chunky. You can have it in various temperatures, too. Leave it in room temperature for the more “mainstream” taste, or heat it up a little for the cheesy bits to warm your taste buds. You can also chuck it in the refrigerator for a tougher, crunchier munch, or freeze it (yes, freeze it!) and consume them just like how you would with ice cream.

Bake Instructions
Bake Instructions

A box of 6 tarts costs THB480 (approximately SGD$19.00), and that translates to about THB80 (SGD$3.50) per piece. That’s certainly not cheap, but luckily, you only need to consume one to satisfy your cravings. You can consume more, but the cheesy bits can make you feel a tad bloated at times.

Bake Cheese Tarts (6 in a box)
Bake Cheese Tarts (6 in a box)

We were thoroughly excited when it arrived in Singapore, not because of the product itself, but we’re keen to understand the buying habits of consumers. A couple of months in, and the queue did not seem to subside. Will Bake be merely a hype, or can this withstand the test of time? Only time will tell…

The long awaited cheese tarts
The long awaited cheese tarts

But if you’re in Bangkok, the outlet situated on the ground floor of Emquartier is pretty packed, but you will never have to wait for more than 10 minutes. Most of the customers are tourists, as expected, but Fravel reckons that the queue might subside if it expands much further beyond the likes of Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul!

Bake Cheese Tart (Website)

Address: Bangkok Emquartier, Ground Floor, The Waterfall Quartier

Full list of Bake cheese tart international outlets.

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