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Au Bon Pain @ Bangkok

Au Bon Pain @ Mega Bangna Mall

Avid travellers to Bangkok might have taken notice of Au Bon Pain, sprouting out of shopping malls and streets as frequently as Starbucks. It’s the convenience and familiarity of purchase by the locals that makes it such a conducive café to be at. But what exactly is the staple product that keeps them in the highly competitive business over the past few years?

Au Bon Pain Bagel
Au Bon Pain Bagel

In our opinion, their bagels are second to none. They might also have cakes, as well as other types of breads and croissants, but it is the quality of their bagels that is absolutely spot on. But how did Au Bon Pain even come about, to even begin jostling for market share in the F&B industry within the Land of Smiles?

It started in 1978, when businessman Louis Kane came across a new line of French bakery ovens at Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace. He was so absorbed by the aroma of the fresh breads, till a point where he wondered if it is viable to bring this idea right in the heart of the city – which explains its extensive presence (fast forward a couple of decades) in even a faraway land such as Bangkok!

Salmon Bagel (SGD4.50)
Salmon Bagel (SGD4.50)

We tried Au Bon Pain at the outlet located at Mega Bangna It might not entirely be situated within the city, but judging from the stream of shoppers, the hustle and bustle of life at Mega Bangna can be comparable to the Siam district!

We ordered the salmon with an onion bagel to go along with the greens and fish (SGD$5). You’ll get your bagel served piping hot after 5 minutes, and I suggest that you consume it within 10 minutes for the full, satisfying effect. It’s crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. Pair it with a generous serving of salmon, and there you have a winning combination!

Salmon Bagel with Wasabi (SGD 5.50)
Salmon Bagel with Wasabi (SGD 5.50)

Just when we thought that the taste could not get more flavourful than this, we minced our words and told ourselves that the salmon bagel with wasabi tastes much better! The spicy kick makes all the difference, with the wasabi that’s best consumed in moderation before it shoots up your nasal passage! This serving comes with a drink for another 25Baht (SGD$1).

Would we be back for more? Definitely, for tea break, at any convenient outlet located at major shopping stretches. Give it a try and you’ll not be disappointed!

Au Bon Pain (Website / Facebook) *Note international site & page

[Mega Bangna Mall, Level 1. Free Shuttle at BTS Udom Suk, Sukhumvit Line]

39 Moo 6 Bangna-Trad Rd, 10, 10540

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