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Atlas Coffeehouse @ Duke’s Road

Atlas Coffehouse @ Duke's Road

Foodies who would also not compromise on ambience would have their a of favourite cafes on top of their heads, and this comes as no surprise because most cafes often offer their specialty brew or main course over a pleasant, bespoke environment. These cafes have been striving hard to differentiate themselves from competitors, which presents us consumers with a plethora of options to choose from – depending on our cravings and mood!

Atlas Coffeehouse
Atlas Coffeehouse

Atlas Coffeehouse is one of the cafes increasingly growing in popularity. Gone are the days where customers would go crazy over over-the-top, lavish decorations with extravagant, out-of-the-world themes. Atlas Coffeehouse knows how to appeal to the millennial, with a simple, clutter-free interior spruced up by marbled tiles and nature-inspired decorations. The glass windows let in plenty of light, presenting an impression of warmth and joy – just the way all cafes should aspire to achieve!

We started off our journey into food haven with a Piccolo ($4.50) and a slice of key lime pie ($6.50). The coffee is served in a smaller cup, which is no bad thing at all because we prefer a single shot and this gives it much more flavour and effect. The pie tastes as good as it looks too, with a refreshing slant to complement the coffee’s hard-edged bitterness.

Key Lime Pie ($6.50) & Piccolo ($4.50)
Key Lime Pie ($6.50) & Piccolo ($4.50)

We also ordered a hot mocha (SGD$5.00), along with creamy mushrooms on sourdough (SGD$12.00). And yes, we can’t live without our eggs and opted for a top up of scrambled goodness for an extra SGD$3.00. The sourdough is crispy, warm and refreshing, and mixes well with the egg’s fluffy texture. But we found the seasoning a tad heavy on the mushrooms, and the saltiness might not bode down well with some. We’d suggest that you request for less salt for this dish! And yes, it took us a while to sip our mocha as we found it tough to mess up the beautiful “latte art” that draws a resemblance to a swan.

Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough ($12) & Cafe Mocha ($5)
Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough ($12) & Cafe Mocha ($5)

Atlas Coffeehouse is perfect for lounging in with close friends, and will definitely be a highlight for the weekend. You can call for reservations if you are heading there with five or more friends. Even if you are stuck in bed on the weekend, you can seek the help of Food Panda SG to serve you right at your doorstep!

Atlas Coffeehouse (Facebook)

Address: 6 Duke’s Road, S268886

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