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    5 Places With Budgeted Menus This Christmas

    Realistically, it’s tough to find a place that marries affordable pricing with top notch, quality food in Singapore. This comes as little surprise with our island nation becoming an increasingly expensive place to cure our hunger pangs. But we’ve managed to sieve out 5 places that strike a balance between price and affordability, to ensure […]

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    6 Things You Must Know When Planning A Trip To Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C.

    Washington D.C. is a fast-paced city that gives you plenty of opportunities to visit and appreciate its sights. From Smithsonian institution housing 19 museums to government attractions to plenty other amusing attractions for kids, Washington D.C. is a place for people of all ages. However; if the planning is not done correctly, you may lose […]

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    Bistango Martini Lounge Review: Fireworks Martinis in Spokane, Washington

    Bistango Martini Lounge

    Spokane’s first martini lounge was established in 2005 and has enjoyed ever since a steady popularity. You can find the Bistango Martini Lounge close to the beautiful Davenport Hotel and River Park Square, in the heart of downtown Spokane. Some of the promises that the lounge makes its guests are fresh quality ingredients, upscale bar […]

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    Oaxen Krog Review: Savor New Nordic Cuisine in Stockholm, Sweden

    Oaxen Krog

    Oaxen Krog is a waterside restaurant run by chef Magnus Ek and his wife Agneta Green on the Djurgarden Island in central Stockholm. While Oaxen Slip next door offers a casual dining experience for friends and family, at Oaxen Krog you are greeted by the quiet extravagance of the Nordic cuisine fitted into savory 6-course […]

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    Huqqa Cafe Review: The Best Shisha in Istanbul, Turkey

    Huqqa Cafe

    Huqqa Cafe Istanbul provides the oriental experience you’d expect from a Turkish cafe in a sophisticated yet pleasant modern setting. The cafe’s inspired location in the Besiktas neighborhood, overlooking the Bosporus, means you can enjoy some striking views, if you have good fortune to get a good sitting, that is. Popular throughout the day, Huqqa […]

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    Zeller Bistro Review: Enjoy Hungarian Treats in a Cellar Bistro in Budapest, Hungary

    Zeller Bistro

    One of Budapest’s best-loved eating places – Zeller Bistro – invites you to a charming cellar bistro where you can enjoy crisp fish, delicious cupcakes, and elderflower champagne. The menu at this family-style restaurant offers treats from the Central European and Hungarian cuisines, with plenty of vegetarian-friendly options. All the main ingredients are grown locally, […]