6 Things You Must Know When Planning A Trip To Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a fast-paced city that gives you plenty of opportunities to visit and appreciate its sights. From Smithsonian institution housing 19 museums to government attractions to plenty other amusing attractions for kids, Washington D.C. is a place for people of all ages. However; if the planning is not done correctly, you may lose out on some of the must-see attractions. So that you do not regret later, here is a short guide on planning your next vacation to Washington D.C.

Accommodation in Washington D.C.

To have easy access to metro rail, you can book a hotel close to metro stations.  With over 100 budget Washington hotels close to metro stations, you will surely find a hotel as per your budget and preferences. Also, the room rates fall during the weekends and go up as soon as the week starts. If you have to save some bucks, you may want to check-in on Friday.

Book Tours in Advance

The city has many organizations that organize tours for visitors, making the exploration of the city easier. The Washington tours take you through Arlington Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Embassy Row, and Old Alexandria Tour and many other attractions. Well, this is just one of the tours available and there are plenty more available that take you to different sites.  You can explore them on foot by taking a walking a tour or take a bus tour depending on your preferences. The tour’s duration is from 3 hours to 1 day.

Book Tickets in Advance

To leave the long and tiring queues behind you, book the tickets much in advance as soon as you know the arrival dates. Whether its tickets to festivals, theater, opera or to government attractions, buying them way in advance is the best bet!

Smithsonian Institution

Some of the major attractions in Washington D.C. are  in Smithsonian Institution and to understand what  you need to see and visit, make sure you visit the website and read thoroughly to know which places you want to visit and which ones to leave . In addition to National Zoological Park, a must-see, if you have the kids along, the place has a National Portrait Gallery (another must-see) and many other sites that will intrigue your history or art soul.

Save Money on Seeing Attractions

You can save a lot of money on your Washington D.C. trip as most of the popular sites come free of charge. However, you can surely visit some of the paid attractions like Spy Museum, Crime Museum, and Ford’s Theatre, which will add more value to your trip! The tip here is visit more of free sites and include a few paid sites in your itinerary.

Getting Around the Washington D.C.

Washington D.C has the most efficient transport system in the world that provides you with metro rail and metro bus service; the two most convenient ways to move around. To know about the schedules, visit and plan effectively to move around hassle-free. Please know that driving is difficult in the city and the best way it to explore it on foot. The city also has buses and taxis to make your trip convenient.

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