5 Tips to Travel Light

travel light

Budget flights are getting more and more commonplace nowadays, and we’re sure everyone knows that budget airlines usually only allow one handcarry item for each ticket. If you don’t want to pay extra for check in baggage (and risk losing it as well!), take a look at our quick tips to travel light.





Roll or bundle your clothes

travel light - roll up your clothes

Instead of packing them into neat little squares, roll your clothes up tightly or roll them around a hard core object. This creates more space for more stuff. Travel light doesn’t mean carrying less! You have to remember to pack clothes that won’t wrinkle or crease, though, or you won’t have anything decent to wear!

Double or triple up

Travel Light - Clothes for multiple occasions

Do you really need a different pair of pants for dinner? What about that shirt, can it be used for both a meal and for a trip on a ferry? Get the most out of the clothes you bring by reusing them twice or even thrice. Consider packing a little more if you’re headed for a tropical country. Travel light can be compromised for you to smell good!

Wash small items

Travel Light - Wash small items

Like your underwear and socks. You don’t need a fresh pair for every day, especially if you’re going to travel light! Simply wash out what you were wearing, wring it, and leave it to dry overnight. Hotel rooms are usually air-conditioned or heated, and both cause very dry air, which translates to your clothes drying within the day! Do remember to bring some washing powder, or you’ll have to make do with the hotel soaps.

Bring only travel sized toiletries

Travel Light - Packed Small Toiletries

There’s no need to bring a full sized bottle of shampoo on conditioner on a holiday. Empty enough for your trip into a travel sized bottle, or if you don’t have sensitive skin, simply pick up a small bottle when you arrive at your destination! That’s definitely the best way to travel light when it comes to your toiletries.

Lose the shoes

Travel Light - Lose the shoes

Don’t bring extra shoes. One pair of shoes is typically all you’ll ever need to last your holiday, unless you’re going for a wedding. Bring a pair of slippers at the very most, for flip-flopping about indoors or by the beach, but ditch the heels or party shoes for that night out you may or may not have. Shoes are one of the most difficult items to pack, simply because most of them are so inflexible. Remember, your aim is to travel light!

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