5 Restaurants With Interesting Christmas Set Menus For 2015

Planning your year-end indulgence early? We’ve dished out a list of interesting Christmas set menus for you to choose from.

1. Flutes

Flutes Restaurant at National Museum
Flutes Restaurant at National Museum

It’s tagged as one of the top 101 best restaurants in Asia, which comes as no surprise taking into account the way Flutes manage to integrate high-celling rooms with the relaxing outdoor atmosphere at the National Museum of Singapore. Pair it with sweet and savoury treats and we have a winner. Now, they are back with a Christmas menu that includes a four-course cuisine. How about a cream of chicken and chestnut soup after an unconventional appetizer in the form of New Zealand Cerneva venison? You can choose from one of three shared platter of roasts – Wagyu beef, Free Range Turkey or Pork Belly – all served with a side of roasted root vegetables and mixed garden leaf salad. Give it a try for a well-deserved old school escape, away from the fast-paced modern Singapore landscape!



How about paying for a meal without knowing where you’re heading to and what you’re going to consume? Some might smirk at this concept, but we find it interesting for a Chirstmas concept that treads off the beaten path. Buy a ticket, stayed glued to your smartphone, reach their location, consume and most importantly, keep this secret between the both of you. Can dinners get any cooler than this?

3. La Brasserie

La Brasserie
La Brasserie

The Fullerton Bay Hotel might be a natural pick for top-notch, no holds barred families seeking to splash the cash during Christmas, but the chefs at La Brasserie will make sure that you’ll be present with them on the 25th. Their menu is out, and interesting dishes include a Foie Gras Duet (seared Foie Gras on Brioche, caramelised figs, home made truffle torchon, apple compote and aged balsamic) Sounds like Greek to us, but that’s exactly why we’re eager to sample them! The mains include either a golden Chilean Seabass or seared Wagyu tenderloin. Wash it down with a glass of champagne that comes with this 5-course degustation menu.

4. Labyrinth


Although the Christmas menu for Labyrinth has yet to be finalized, we reckon that it’ll be strikingly similar to what they have been serving consistently. And that’s not a bad thing at all! You can look forward to quirky offerings such as Orh Luak, Boston Lobster Claw with Carbonara and Wagyu Ribeye with Satay Beef. Wash the savoury taste down with an Apple Crumble with Apple & Merengue textures. Sounds too good to be true? Choose from a selection of between 3 to 4 courses. You can even inform their team of experts on dietary restrictions before heading down.



ADHD at South Beach
ADHD at South Beach

We haven’t heard of ADHD at the South Beach Hotel. But we’re sure that you’ve been passing by this new hotel during its renovation phase. Now that’s its open for business, ADHD has introduced a Christmas buffet menu that includes 3 and 5 course festive lunches, along with a full-fledged Christmas lunch buffet. Whet your appetite with their signature herb-coated veal tenderloin and add a local touch with a lobster Laksa, soaked in generous curry gravy.

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