5 Affordable Weekend Trips

With unending workloads and high stress levels in the office, short weekend trips out of Singapore may be just the thing you need to recharge and face the hordes come Monday morning. We’ve picked five top destinations you can plan weekend trips that can be enjoyed to the fullest in just two to three days. There’s something for everyone, be they a nature lover or an urbanite!

Pulau Tioman, Malaysia


Get some much needed (and cheap!) R&R in Pulau Tioman. Apart from the sun and surf, you can also connect with your landlubbing side via  a waterfall trek, or indulge in absolutely nothing while lying on a beach of white sand. Pulau Tioman isn’t densely populated so it’s the perfect place for a getaway from everyone and everything. It also has tons of cats! Though it doesn’t boast the watersports Bali does, Pulau Tioman has a quiet charm and peace to it, making it one of the perfect affordable weekend trips out of busy Singapore.

Bangkok, Thailand


There are two things one needs to remember about Bangkok. It is famed for its food and its shopping. Bangkok doesn’t just boast endless night markets, wholesale shopping malls, and swanky branded outlets. Food – street or restaurant – is readily available to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. To see the best of both food and shopping, one can either head down to street markets like Chatuchak or Patpong, or venture into wholesale centres like Platinum fashion mall in the Pratunam shopping district. Unlike the surreal beaches of Pulau Tioman, be prepared for hectic weekend trips in Bangkok!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Practically next door, Kuala Lumpur could be said to be like Singapore, but at a fraction of its prices. Kuala Lumpur boasts affordable boutique hotels, and hides rare gems of restaurants and shops in the corners of its city. While it is not particularly known for cheap shopping, it is an affordable getaway for its decent accommodation prices. You can chill out in a nice hotel for a weekend and still feel like a tourist thanks to the many attractions and hideaways the city has to offer. Best of all, you can drive there!

Bohol, Philippines


A little ways off the beaten track, Bohol is fast becoming an affordable getaway for anyone who dives or who simply loves the sun and the sea. Vastly more inhabited than Pulua Tioman, Bohol is a nature lover’s haven. It is home to dolphins and whales, and even has a sanctuary for endangered creatures in one of its towns. Bohol is one of the best dive spots in the world, and its amenities have improved trememndously thanks to its growing popularity as a tourist destination.

Ho Chin Minh, Vietnam


Great for affordable short weekend trips, Vietnam’s capital city Ho Chin Minh is a unique mix of old and new Western and Asian influences. Its culture is still unique unto itself, unlike many big Southeast Asian cities. Ho Chin Minh is frequented by tourists looking for custom tailoring services and cheap buys; though Vietnam is not the fashion capital of the world, its tailors can reproduce top end fashion in just a few days. If you’d like to see the country, hop onto a local motorbike tour, and don’t forget to try the street food and Vietnamese cuisine! Definitely an affordable getaway that will have you taking away more than you would from a simple stay in a big city.

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